When I retire, I want a consistent monthly income, not based on the stock market, I can’t afford to risk any more. I’m getting up in years, and I just need to know that I can count on that money coming in.

No investment is perfect, there’s always going to be something, a challenge somewhere. However, I feel Real Estate Done 4 U has been probably the safest investment I’ve found. In all honesty I can say that Real Estate Done 4 U has changed my life!


I knew that having just one leg under my financial table, it was probably not very smart. So looking at real estate was something that I felt was important to do, but I didn’t know how to do it. Real Estate Done 4 U gave me an easy path.

I felt like this rounded me out in a good way, in a way that was going to secure my future, in a better way than I had previously planned.


Part of my long term plan from an investment perspective was to think about, how can I have income coming in on a consistent basis if or when I don’t have a job?

I began to think about, how do I get income coming in, in the future, as I approach retirement? So I began to think about this process and the ability to own homes and pay them off over a period of time – that passive income stream will be there when I hit that retirement age!


I realized a little while back, that real estate is an excellent vehicle as far as providing cash flow.

So what I appreciated about Real Estate Done 4 U is that it’s a one stop shop essentially. All those things are taken care of for me, and I know at the very outset, I will be purchasing a property that does yield positive cash flow


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