Why Invest in Real Estate?

What will your financial situation look like 5 years from now…how about 10? Will your current
plan in place be able to replace your 6-figure income?

Real-Estate-Done-4-U-michael-friends2-imgBottom Line…Performance.

As I learned and studied wealth creation, a common theme arose consistently. So many investors would create wealth or grow their wealth in businesses or real estate, then they would invest by holding real estate longer term. It served multiple purposes as you could borrow to buy it, traditionally it grew in value, and of course the consistent rents.

Conversely, keeping your hard earned capital in savings accounts, CDs and the like, hurts your chances for growth and can actually keep you from your financial goals. The 4-5% return from your retirement accounts likely isn’t enough to fund your retirement, and if you touch the principle – it’s gone! The money you’ve saved away in the bank does nothing to protect against inflation, and as the cost of living goes up, the value of your money goes down, rendering your retirement funds insufficient.

Real Estate Investments can offer a solid rate of return – without the headaches. Investments in Rental Properties provide a steady stream of monthly income that never touches the principle investment – the property itself. Even better, as the economy changes and cost of living goes up, so do the rents, and your monthly paycheck increases, effectively protecting you against inflation!

After buying my first 3 homes, I was hooked and Real Estate Done 4 U was born. As they say: ‘Don’t wait to buy Real Estate, Real Estate and wait.’

Be A Passive Investor, Not A Landlord

Why Real Estate Done 4 U?

Many clients come back and buy more than 1 home…

Of course you could try to reinvent the wheel on your own, but why would you want all those headaches, fears, worries and doubts? Do you change your own oil, cut your own hair? Why make your own mistakes and lose out of profits, when you can learn from the mistakes of those who’ve already been through it? Real Estate Done 4 U provides a Proven System for Success in Rental Property Investing! When you work with Real Estate Done 4 U, you can just sit back, relax, and begin enjoying true ‘Mailbox Money.’


Our System

Be A Passive Investor, Not A Landlord

Our team handles all aspects of the transaction. When we say ‘Be a Passive Investor, not a landlord.’ It starts from the beginning. We’ll handle the details regarding paperwork, help with documents, manage the property inspection process, and once closed, we’ll walk through the document to facilitate the direct deposits of rent into your bank account or back to your IRA. Then, monthly you’ll receive a statement and annually your profit / loss for tax purposes.

The 3 steps fully complete prior to acquisition

Property Producing Monthly Income Day 1 All Management Details Handled


  • Good Neighborhoods
  • Strong Local Rental Market
  • Good School Districts
  • Multiple Exit Strategies


  • Multiple Specialist on Site
  • Cost Controlled by In-House Project Manager
  • Punched-Out by QA
  • Inspected by Operations Manager


  • 15 years+ Experience
  • Employment Verification
  • References Checked
  • Credit Checked
  • Deposit
  • 12-24 Month Lease in Place


  • IRA / ROTH Acquisition
  • Investor Receives Rental Income from Day 1
  • Cash Flow Positive on 15 and 30 year Mortgages
  • All Details Handled
  • Ongoing Property Management
  • New Tenants / Maintainance / Rent Collection

The personalized service you will enjoy. When you are ready – you’ll be speaking with me specifically. With the systems we have in place – we run lean and mean to keep overhead down, investors happy, and sell at the right price. We’ll handle all aspects of the transaction for you.

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